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Our Mission

Integrity Communications and Solutions, Inc's mission is to provide innovative, practical and quality services to improve the way businesses conduct networking projects.

We believe our first responsibility is to the telecommunication and information technology manager using our service. In conducting our day-to-day operations we strive to:

  • Follow the philosophy that our clients, contractors and employees are our lifeline and best representatives. 

  • Treat our clients, contractors and employees with respect and as partners. 

  • Be considered as a pillar of ethical business practices

  • Meet all commitments by doing each job right the first time. 

  • Continually learn, adapt and grow.


By our commitment to this mission, we are known as a company that has unparalleled customer service that exceeds client expectations. Our clients, contractors and employees view ICS as offering a commitment to successful project completion, maintaining professional business relationships and empowering employees to perform their responsibilities. We approach every situation with the highest integrity, respect and enthusiasm.

Our Company

For over 20 years, Integrity Communications and Solutions, Inc. has provided companies with innovative solutions for their voice and data needs.  Located in the St Croix River Valley near Hudson, Wisconsin, ICS was established to provide premier telecommunications' management with individualized attention and personalized service. 

ICS is uniquely positioned to manage and install a wide range of products and services throughout the United States and Canada.  Our capabilities include, but are certainly not limited to, voice and data cabling, telephone systems, networking equipment, point-of-sale implementation, video surveillance systems, electrical wiring, paging systems, and wireless solutions.

We pride ourselves in employing highly trained representatives and skilled service technicians to provide the most precise evaluations and solutions that meet customer requirements. Over the years we have developed a plexus which covers the nation equally in both the smallest towns and the largest cities, making the day to day management of your locations effortless.  With just one phone call, you can gain access to all of these service personnel.  Whether you need service for thirty sites or thousands of sites that are geographically dispersed, we can handle your request.

Our comprehensive offerings make ICS a one-stop shop for all of your IT needs.

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